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McFarlane Toys is on a roll here this year, pumping out lots of different types of figures for multiple licenses.  Add Disney to that list because new pages for Disney Mirrorverse figures are showing up at Walmart.  Included in the first batch are:

7 Inch Jack Sparrow
7 Inch Buzz Lightyear
5 Inch Sully
5 Inch Mickey Mouse
5 Inch Belle
5 inch Goofy
12 Inch Sully

Not all have pics or descriptions up yet.  Disney Mirrorverse is an upcoming mobile game from KABAM that merges RPG and action gameplay with the Disney Universe.  The characters will be re-imagined visually for the game, and these toys are based on those looks.

Stay tuned for an official reveal and more details as they come!  Check out the pics after the break!

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