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A fantastic looking new Green Lantern Statue has been revealed by Tweeterhead. The new John Stewart Green Lantern 1/6 Scale Maquette stands at 20.5″ tall on a themed base when fully assembled. The base features a yellow Qwardian Power Battery. The statue includes B’dg, the Lantern Squirrel, a swap out arm holding a Space Blaster. They will also be offering an Exclusive Edition, which will include a second portrait inspired by his look in the excellent Justice League Unlimited animated series. The Exclusive Edition will be limited to just 450 pieces.

Pre-orders will go live on Thursday, June 24th at 9:00 AM PDT (Noon EST) via Tweeterhead.com. Pricing is still being finalized. Read on for full details and the new photos.

John Stewart Green Lantern 1/6 Scale Maquette

Tweeterhead Presents the new John Stewart, Green Lantern 1:6 Scale Maquette! Leader of the Green Lantern Corps!

The John Stewart Maquette measures nearly 20.5” tall, 8.75” wide and 7.25” deep when fully assembled – from the bottom of base to the tippy-top of the swap out “Space Blaster” (included with the Standard Edition). He’s about 17” tall without the “Space Blaster”. This fully sculpted polyresin statue comes standing next to a recently taken down Qwardian Power Battery as John works to keep his sector safe from the Sinestro Corps.

And when you get John, you’ll also be building out your Green Lantern Corps with B’dg, arguably one of the top two most popular Lantern Squirrel inspired characters! B’dg comes with the Standard Edition, so everyone gets one!

The “Exclusive Edition” comes with an additional portrait inspired by the “Justice League Unlimited” show. With this Exclusive part there are 4 different ways you can display your John Stewart Maquette.

The “Exclusive Edition” will have a limited Edition Size of 450. “Standard Edition” is TBD.

Both Editions of the John Stewart Maquette will retail for $TBD USD (don’t worry, we’ll be adjusting this post ASAP when we have the price), and are ready for Pre-Order on Thursday, June 24th, at 9am PDT. If you purchase through Tweeterhead and pay in full, you’ll receive $25 off.

Artist Credits: Andrew Huerta (Design), Brandon Guerrero (Design), Gio Nakpil (Design), David Igo (Design), Guillermo Barbiero (Design & Sculpt), Keith Kopinski (Sculpt), Amilcar Fong (Sculpt), Mike Pflaumer (Paint)

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