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Prime 1 Studio has posted the product page for their upcoming Wonder Woman 1/3 Scale Statue from the classic Wonder Woman TV Series that starred Lynda Carter. The statue was initially announced during last months Next Level Showcase 2 Streaming Event. The Wonder Woman statue stands at 27″ tall on a themed statue base. The base itself has a removable Wonder Woman logo symbol. This release is a “Bonus Version”, and will include a removable wired fabric cape.

The Wonder Woman Statue will go up for pre-order on Thursday, June 10th at 3:00 PM Japan Time. The statue will be priced at $1,299. It’s scheduled for release between November 2021 and January 2022. See the new photos and full details after the jump.

Museum Masterline Wonder Woman 1975 (TV Series) Wonder Woman Bonus Version

Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway are indeed excited to present a long-awaited iconic piece of superhero TV history: The 1/3 Scale Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) from the Wonder Woman 1975 TV Series!

Anyone would be hard-pressed to disagree that Lynda Carter is the perfect Wonder Woman: her stature, kindness, grace, and strength all contributed to her portrayal of Princess Diana of Themyscira. That’s why Prime 1 Studio collaborated with our partner studio Blitzway, to capture both the subtle and eye-catching features that made Lynda Carter such a celebrated Wonder Woman for decades!
br<> With the talented artists at Blitzway, we spent days and days poring over reference media of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. We wanted to be sure to catch each and every detail, angle and look of the 70’s superhero icon. From picking up the subtle detail of her loose wavy hair, to rendering how striking her baby blue eyes were and to rendering her toned physique, we lived and breathed Wonder Woman 24/7.

We managed to heighten the realism of this Museum Masterline statue by including every stitch, wrinkle, piping, and pleat of her signature costume. We used tried and true methods to render her skin as lifelike as possible in a polystone statue. We took particular attention to replicate all the correct finishes of her eagle symbol, her bustier, her shorts and boots to make the costume as close to authentic as possible. And we round this statue out with her golden tiara, bracelets and magic Lasso of Truth.

In the Bonus Version, Wonder Woman comes with a removable, fabric cape! This was her heroic statement piece when she wanted to make an impression…not that she wouldn’t, anyway! Whether you choose to display Wonder Woman with her star-spangled cape, or without it, there is no wrong choice.

You’ll find Wonder Woman posed on her WW symbol base at a statuesque 27 inches tall, with a detachable WW backdrop that can be removed or attached depending on your tastes. Her base picks up all of the colors on her costume and only serves to emphasize the importance of this piece.

Whether you are a Wonder Woman fan or a Lynda Carter fan or even a 1970’s TV fan…you owe it to yourself to pick up this grail statue today before it disappears forever!

– Detachable WW Base Symbol
– Wonder Woman-themed base
– Removable Fabric Cape [BONUS PART]

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